How to Cultivate Your Creativity


lightbulb brainstorming creative idea abstract icon on business hand.Everyone is creative but not everyone is effectively tapping into their creativity, says Senior LERN consultant Kassia Dellabough.

Dellabough says tapping into your creativity is important because it helps improve problem-solving skills, allows for greater flexibility, and can lead to new ideas.

She suggests trying one of the following tactics – even better if you try the one that is hardest for you – to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Step outside of your comfort zone
  • Cook a meal without a recipe
  • Doodling
  • Talking to a stranger
  • Learn something new (or through a different channel)
  • Change up your usual routine

Tapping into your creativity can help you be a more impactful team member and a stronger leader, she says. People aren’t “creative” or “not creative”, Dellabough says, everyone has the ability to strengthen their creativity skills.

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