How to Cut Cancellations


Waterlilly   New LERN analysis has discovered how you can cut the number and percentage of courses cancelled for your program. The key is to determine your cancellation rates by Division.

Class cancellation rates for many programs are 25% or even higher. That poses a major problem in generating and keeping customers. It also wastes tons of staff time developing classes that get cancelled.

Divisions are where the action is for increasing registrations, what courses to offer, financial analysis, and in reducing your overall cancellation rate.

Only a few programs currently know their cancellation rates by Division.  A Division is a group of courses with one of these three things in common:  1) Same subject area;  2) Same audience; or 3)Same format.  It is not necessarily a category in your print brochure, although it could be; and it is definitely not the courses a given staff person coordinates.

In our hot new four part webinar series, next offered in October, we show you a 5 Star step-by-step no cost way to analyze your course cancellations and reduce your course cancellations. The program is called “Creating Successful New Courses and Offerings.” Just click here for more info. 

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