How to Stay on Track


trackSuccessful programs stay on the trail.  They don’t ever stop staying on track.  Here’s some of the top ways to keep your program from straying off the success path and getting lost.

1. Email LERN with a question

Whenever you face a difficult issue, just email us at info@lern.org   We have top experts that specialize in a variety of different areas. Your question will be referred to the LERN professional who can best answer your question.

Because LERN tracks the most successful programs all over North America, you get advice based on successful programs and their experience.  There’s no reason to stray off course when you come to a tough issue.

2. Follow LERN Benchmarks

Every successful lifelong learning program reviews the LERN benchmarks and keeps working at improving and striving to meet each benchmark.  You can ask for a list of the benchmarks by emailing info@lern.org  or calling us at (800) 678-5376.

3. Review your past history

Compare your present performance with your recent past history.  Compare this year, or now, with your 2 to 3 previous fiscal years.  Don’t bother going back further  – – that’s ancient history.

Use your recent performance to predict future performance.  Use your recent history to figure out if you stopped doing something or why something might be going wrong now.  Use your recent history in developing your next one year marketing plan.

4. Follow LERN Recommendations

Whenever you see a LERN Recommendation, follow it.  If in doubt, at least ask LERN if the recommendation applies to your situation.

You can find LERN Recommendations in many places:  at our Institutes, in our annual LERN Forecasts report, in our annual State of Lifelong Learning report, in our newsletters, in our webinars, and in your FREE access to the LERN Club.

5. Cite LERN data to your superiors

Whenever a superior in your organization wants to make a decision that veers off the path recommended by LERN, cite the LERN data to your superior.  See if you can get your superior to engage with LERN via email or phone call.

6. Have a one-year plan

Every year do a written one-year plan.  It should specify in numbers your objectives for the year in both programming and in marketing.

The one year written plan should then proceed to have a timeline and deadlines in both your programming and marketing.

Written plans actually increase successful execution and lead to greater success.


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