Huge Success!


You blew us away. The 1,550 participants at the big LERN Annual Conference in November made it the largest conference in the world in the field of lifelong learning and continuing education.

It also saw pioneering and breakthrough sessions on many fronts, including digital marketing, social media, and website design.

But the Big Story was your participation. “LERN members saw the value of the virtual format this year,” remarked Assistant Vice President Travette Webster.

You weren’t just attendees. You were participants.

Exciting Stats

Questions. You asked 513 questions of the presenters. That’s an average of 12 questions per session. You can’t ask that many questions in a typical in-person session.

Sessions Attended. You participated in over 11,000 sessions over the three days of practical how-to sessions. That’s an average of 7 sessions attended by each participant.

Live Chat Groups. Comments and ideas poured in for the live chat sessions. They scrolled up so fast it was hard to keep up. The ideas are being saved and will be reported on. The top Live Chat was on “Hot Picks for Community Classes.”

Discussions. The 10 asynchronous discussions, with most of the topics suggested by you, were also a hit. The top discussions: 1) Classes for Seniors; 2) Contract Training.

Largest Session. The opening session with motivational Keynoter Rick Hardon had the most attendance. Core sessions preparing for the CPP followed with the largest attendees.

Most Popular New Sessions. The top new sessions by attendance were:
1.Paradigm Shifts and Productivity, with Travette Webster
2.Staff Morale, panel led by Angie Lipschuetz
3.Easy and Effective eMarketing, with Melissa Torres

Presenters. A record number of LERN leaders presented and were on panels. Some 45 LERN leaders presented new and the latest information on tips, issues and strategies for the field.

Mark your calendar now for next year’s LERN Annual Conference, Nov. 13-16, 2023. Online.

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