Integrated Marketing Study Released!


IM 5FinalA major marketing strategy for all lifelong learning programs right now is to move people from one medium to another to increase registrations.  Programs currently use around twenty-five different medium-to-medium strategies.  The new study found what strategies work best for the most successful lifelong learning programs. Here’s some of the results.

Video Coming on Strong
The study confirmed that video is the current and next-big-thing in Integrated Marketing for lifelong learning programs.  It has, in the last year, joined the print brochure, email, web site and social media as the fifth big essential marketing strategy. It is also one of the top priorities moving forward for successful lifelong learning programs.

Email Unexpectedly Solid No.2
While email does not get a lot of attention and is certainly not an emerging digital marketing strategy, it is solidly and consistently the number two most effective marketing strategy. Right after the print brochure, email is the next most effective integrated marketing strategy for lifelong learning programs in all institutional settings.

Digital Marketing Where It’s At
The clear direction right now is with expansion of digital marketing.  In addition to remaining consistent with Email promotion, the forefront now are actually a multitude of digital forefronts.

Big Differences
The growth areas for digital marketing vary significantly by institutional setting. The exclusive LERN study released the different results for Recreation Departments; Community Education in Public Schools; Continuing Education in Community Colleges; and Continuing Education in Universities.

Big 5 Marketing Strategies Set
The study also confirmed the recent finding that Video marketing has now joined the big 5 marketing strategies for most lifelong learning programs, making it:

1. Print brochure
2. Email
3. Web site
4. Social media (unpaid or paid)
5. Video

All Roads (almost) Lead to Your Web Site
“All roads lead to your web site,” says the leading video marketer in the field of lifelong learning, Kendall Harris from Santa Barbara, California.

The majority of roads in the LERN Integrated Marketing Study do suggest that moving people to your web site is the object for most lifelong learning program marketing right now.

Print Brochure to Web Site Still No. 1
From numerous studies, program reports, and with no evidence to the contrary, LERN has repeatedly and consistently found that the No.1 medium-to-medium in the field is getting your print brochure out, and then moving people to your web site for registration.

The print brochure generates an average of 70% of registrations for virtually all lifelong learning programs. Reducing or eliminating the print brochure has disastrous effects on every program doing so, with registrations and income falling 50% or more when the print brochure has been eliminated.

The complete results by constituency or institutional setting are now available in your January 2019 LERN newsletter and in the LERN Club. Forgot your password? Email info@lern.org