Integrated Marketing Study


IM 5Final

Conference coverage starts now. A new pioneering study on Integrated Marketing for the field of lifelong learning is being released at the LERN Annual Conference in Savannah Nov 6-9.

The study of the most successful lifelong learning programs looks at the top ways programs move potential participants from one medium to increase registrations. And then these successful programs told us which methods they are doing More-Same-Less-or None in the coming year, signaling where they are putting most attention, resources and energy.

The study is being done for each of the four major institutional settings or constituencies LERN serves:
*Recreation departments
*Community education in public schools
*Continuing education in community colleges
*Continuing education in universities

We expect to have enough data to also compare Canadian programs with those in the U.S. to see if there are any differences.

There are currently 25 different ways or portals programs currently use to move potential participants to lead them to register. The new study will tell you which ones are most effective.

Joe Miera of Las Vegas, Nevada, will announce the results of the study in a panel session on Integrated Marketing at the conference. Results for recreation programs and public schools will also be released at the conference.

The 2018 LERN Conference is already shaping up to be an historic one for the field of lifelong learning. Come back here for all the conference news over the next three months.