Integrated Marketing: What’s Next



This fall promises to be an exciting few months where successful practitioners take the field of Integrated Marketing to a new level of understanding what works, and how. Here’s what’s coming next with the emerging, and here to stay, area of integrated marketing for lifelong learning programs

1. Video Gets Integrated
Video has just been added as the fifth critical element of integrated marketing in lifelong learning programming. In a totally new webinar, practitioner Kendall Harris of Santa Barbara, California, does a webinar in September on how to make video work for your program using the Facebook platform. For information on the webinar, click here.

2. Integrated Marketing Summit
The top successful programs with regards to Integrated Marketing will be convened by LERN to put together a new model on what works best with Integrated Marketing.

3.Latest Info Released for 2019
– Tom Leaverton of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, will do a new webinar in October on the latest on Integrated Marketing. Click here for information on that webinar.

– Joe Miera of Las Vegas will lead a panel of practitioners on the Latest in Integrated Marketing at the big LERN Annual Conference in Savannah in November and report out the newest techniques for 2019 for lifelong learning programs.

Working with the top practitioners, LERN is staying on the cutting edge of integrated marketing specific to the field of lifelong learning programming.