JKT and Fred Retire


We are both sad and grateful to Julia King Tamang and Fred Bayley for their work with LERN. They each did outstanding presentations at the big LERN annual conference in San Diego, unfortunately their last LERN conference.

Julia King Tamang

An outstanding presenter and consultant, Julia did training, consulting and speaking for LERN for many years. She also taught online with UGotClass.  And she did pioneering work in various subject areas, creating content.  One of her most recent areas of expertise was Negotiating.

A totally alive and engaging presenter, she had audiences “hooked” from about 30 seconds. A trademark was Julia squatting and delivering some key messages while in the squat position.

Julia recently spent three years in retreat and will be moving into a monastery to continue her work in the introspective world. Recently she told us she also took some boys needing a place to rest into her house, just one example of the wonderful giving person she is.  We wish her the best, and are always open to having her rejoin her LERN family any time.

Fred Bayley

Our lead Certified Program Planner (CPP) instructor both in-person and online, Fred and his colorful always changing ties have been a fixture at the LERN conference for over two decades.  First brought in to LERN as a consultant by Julie Coates,  he and Julie worked together creating the first Program Review for LERN.

With his humor, attention to each participant, and dedication to the fundamental and essential training that the CPP has been for over 20 years, Fred delivered and trained thousands of people in the essential knowledge needed to work in the field of lifelong learning.