Latest LERN Research


ChocolatesAll-new LERN research results for your program begin this month, but the new research and info will last throughout the rest of 2019.  Here’s what we are working on now.

Customer performance measures
   Prompted by a request from Chris Korbalek, CPP, of Palm Beach, Florida, the new info will provide the top ways to measure the customer performance outcomes for your program.

New course model
   We are diving deeper on how to decide what new courses and offerings should be developed each year for your program. The topic garnered the most votes for what you want next from LERN members at our last conference.   The new work builds on LERN’s Needs Assessment Model and six stage programming models.

Revising promotion percentages
   With more staff time being devoted to digital marketing, is direct promotion declining as a percentage of revenue?  We aim to find out.

Facebook Video Keys to Success
   Based on real performance numbers, LERN is finding the keys to getting engagement with Facebook videos.  We are working with and following the lead of Kendall Harris of Santa Barbara, Cal., the pioneer of videos for the field of lifelong learning programming.

Email success
   Soon you will get an email about emails, requesting you send us 1-3 of your most effective emails.  From the effective emails, we will find out what works, and what doesn’t.  Programs submitted 1-3 of their most effective emails will receive the information free. Just send your 1-3 emails to research@lern.org   Include each email’s subject line, open rate and click through rate.