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Every day LERN answers your toughest questions. To ask your question, send an email to info@lern.org.

Here are some of the latest:
Instructor Contracts. “I wonder if there are any instructor contract samples that you have?” Elizabeth Crews, Greenville, SC.

Social Media Marketing Plan.  “Does LERN have a marketing plan template for social media?” Pete Hangen, Virginia Beach, VA

Brochure Mailing Time. “I’m wondering what your research says about printing and mailing early & mid fall, early & mid spring,” Betsy Jones, Woodside, DE.

Survey Form. “Do you have recommendations on a survey form?”Jean Kubiszewski, Grand Rapids, MI

New Staff. “We need to get with latest practices to hire, recruit, and train staff. Do you have some resources for me to check?” Jim Carlson, Livermore, CA.

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