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magcoverA new LERN Magazine is now out. It’s probably the best summary of the latest trends, news and advanced practical how-to tips in the field of lifelong learning.
You can get a free copy, even if you get another newsletter from LERN. It’s a great visual piece to give to your boss as well. Here’s some of the articles.
Top 2015 Promotion Ideas
When to raise prices, testing course titles, organizing your table of contents, and measure everything by Gen Y are just a few of the top tips for this year. They all come with explanations for your program to use on Monday morning.
Avoid Making Big Mistakes
Successful leaders must know how to alleviate their concerns about what is happening at their organizations before the apprehensions turn into real problems. There are five things you can do to help.
Designing Multimedia
Improve teacher presentations and student learning by helping your teachers enhance their slide presentations. From Diana Howles’ outstanding session at the big LERN annual conference, we highlight 16 simple no-cost techniques that are sure to boost participant and teacher satisfaction.
Print Brochure Roars Back
The print brochure is roaring back, LERN experts report. The print brochure has a new and improved life in both lifelong learning and in the print catalog industry in general. Brochure experts Paul Franklin and Julie Coates cite five biggest trends this year with print brochures.
*Generational Turnover Happening Now
*Top 2015 Teaching Techniques
*New School Media Merge With Old School Techniques
*New Era in Learning Begins This Year
* And much, much more.
To get your complimentary copy, email info@lern.org and request the Winter 2015 issue of LERN Magazine.

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