Leaders’ New Plans


Leaders' New PlansSlamming home the fact that LERN is leading the field of lifelong learning, your Senior LERN Leaders met in Chicago recently to plot 8 new exciting expansion plans for you and LERN. They are:

1.Programming for Diverse Audiences.
   With your customers more diverse than ever, LERN will work with members serving diverse audiences to provide information on successfully programming for diverse audiences.  Kristy Carter of Conway, Arkansas, initiated the idea, selected as one of the top 8 new plans.

2.What Should LERN Research?
   Leaders produced a list of exciting new information for LERN to research for you, including SEO, best web sites, predictive tools, the value of participants to your institution, ideal pricing and length of classes, and much more. Beth Pinargote of Glen Ellyn, Illinois, and Kelly Regan of Ellisville, Missouri, were key players in creating this initiative.

3.Small Teams info.
   Customizing and tailoring LERN information, benchmarks and recommendations for small team programs where one person has multiple roles and delegation is just a dream.

4.The LERN Curriculum: Beyond the CPP.
   Creating professional development pathways for members to advance and master your knowledge of your job, what you need to know about others’ jobs, extending up to an executive level for career growth and organizational success.

5.Data Collection and Cohesion.
   Beginning with common definitions and terminology, generating and producing data from several sources, not only quantitative data but qualitative data such as stories.  LERN will provide guidance on what data to collect, and then design a dashboard for quick updates.

6.Research Tools.
   A checklist for what you should be researching, and what tools can get you that information.  The group proposed a new designation for the field, Certified Market Researcher, for those of you whose role includes exploring the question of need for a particular program.  Jessie McCluskey-Gilbert of Champaign, Illinois, first suggested this effort.

7.Revisiting LERN vision and core values.
  With LERN’s success in positioning itself as the leading practical how-to source for information for the field of lifelong learning, the group suggested member involvement in revisiting the LERN vision for the next decade. Monique Fortmann of Missoula, Montana, led this initiative.

8.Kill the Silos.
Creating a plan on changing mindsets both for those in higher ups silos, and those in staff or department silos, on the need to reduce silos and work more across teams and engaging all.  A mentoring network was proposed, and infographics for administrators explaining the value of reducing silos was advocated.

If you would like to join the LERN leadership and help implement these exciting new initiatives, you are welcome to join a LERN Council. Just email info@lern.org and ask to join a LERN Council.

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