LERN Contract Training and Operations Virtual Conference


The recent COVID-19 and racial justice pandemics heaved the world, including continuing education and lifelong learning, into a revolution. We now live and work in environments where the traditional, reactionary approach to improvement and adaptation to change leave organizations running to catch up. Our industry can no longer survive on 5 to 7 year transformations.

The Contract Training & Operations Virtual Conference has been designed to give your unit the skills necessary to increase sales, improve productivity, and ensure financial self-sufficiency in a rapidly changing environment.

Give your team the skills to provide the highest level of customer service in a hybrid environment; design innovative, agile processes; and improve overall efficiency and productivity.

No one else knows contract training and operations like LERN does. No one else has access to the best experts in the business like LERN does. No one else knows how to run a virtual conference the way LERN does. Your ROI will easily exceed 10:1.

Don’t miss LERN’s Contract Training & Operations Virtual Conference.

April 5-7, 2022

Click here to visit the conference website and reserve your virtual seat today!

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