LERN Forecasts 2019


Crystal Ball   Here’s what’s ahead for 2019. The big forecast is the absolute must-have plan for your program in addressing a possible recession.  See our separate story and get our special report on planning for a recession in the LERN Club.

The Lifelong Learning Transformation Continues
   The transformation of learning, teaching, informal education (you) and formal education continues under and/or above the radar.  The coming decade will see a new model for all of education, including lifelong learning programming, evolve and replace the current factory-model of lifelong learning classes.

Mental Well-Being Your New Role.
   Society’s growing awareness of the need for greater mental well-being is now giving lifelong learning programs another chance to demonstrate how central to society lifelong learning is.
Lifelong learning programs have always offered hobby, outdoors, avocational and leisure classes. This is an opportunity for us. Voice your role in society in providing those classes and offerings more loudly within your institution and in your community

We Know What Works, You Don’t
   By continuing to stay in touch with the most successful lifelong learning units in Canada and the United States,  LERN is able to continually know what works in the field of lifelong learning programming.
Unfortunately, many if not most of you in the field are not keeping up with those best practices.  Not getting sufficient training and professional development will present an increasing difficulty for the 50-75% of programs that are either stable but not growing, and/or sliding.
To be fair, your job is serving your community. Our job is to give you the trends and ratios for success. Together, it makes for a much more successful program for you, your institution, and your community.

Get our special report on planning for a recession in the LERN Club. Forgot your password? Just email us at info@lern.org




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