LERN Saves The Field


The field of lifelong learning was saved, once again, by LERN this Fall 2020. We were the only organization or person to Recommend you keep your print brochure.

This just in. A LERN member told us about her September registrations. The ten UGotClass certificates she ran in her program’s print brochure got lots of registrations. For other online courses, copy in the print brochure told people to look on their website. Not one registration for the courses listed only on their website.

That’s not just how online classes work marketing-wise. That’s how all your classes and offerings succeed – – with your print brochure.

LERN was, and still is, the one and only organization to distribute a publication documenting why and how you should keep your print brochure and distribution.

We surveyed programs before the Fall 2020 session. A majority of LERN member programs told us they are keeping the print brochure for the Fall 2020 session. A majority of non-LERN programs said they were eliminating the print brochure for the Fall 2020 session.

Stay tuned. Later this fall we will have survey results from both LERN member and non-member programs on Fall registrations. TODAY’S LESSON: keep your print brochure in your plans for your 2021 sessions.

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