LERN Top Highlight


More than 300,000 people in North America took a class from a LERN member program because of LERN. It makes LERN the most influential organization in lifelong learning and continuing education.

And it was, once again, the Top Highlight of the year for LERN, which recently concluded its FY23 fiscal year.

“Studies from 3 sources all confirm LERN generates a 10% in registrations and income for our member programs,” reported Scott Cashman of Palatine, Illinois, Chair of the LERN Board of Directors.  “That 10% means that 300,000 new participants came to our member programs this year because of LERN, generating an additional $50 million dollars for our members,” he said.

For recreation departments and public schools, those new participants also means more votes for local funding. For colleges and universities, those new participants also mean more credit and degree students.

Celebrating its 50th Anniversary this coming year, the LERN Board will lead a member initiative to mark this stunning half century achievement.

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