Make All Your Staff CPPs


No extra charge. Give all your staff the best professional development in the business.
They become more productive.

They become Certified Program Planners (CPP).

Three Easy Steps:
1.Take the “Core Skills” sessions at the virtual conference.
2.Participate in the Study Session to prepare for the Exam.
3.Take the CPP Exam. No charge to retake it if you don’t pass.

More than 90% who take the Exam become CPPs.

Click to register here for the virtual conference.

It’s not too late to register! Even after the conference, you can register and receive access to all 45 sessions right up until February.

The Core Skills Sessions
-Key Benchmarks (Tues Nov 15)
-Optimizing Prices (Tues Nov 15)
-Talk to Your Customers (Wed Nov 16)
-Developing the Best Programs (Wed Nov 16)
-Keep Customers Coming Back (Wed Nov 16)
-Evaluating, Training and Growing Great Teachers (Thurs Nov 17)
-Marketing Essentials (Thurs Nov 17)
-Effective Promotions (Thurs Nov 17)

Can’t make a Live Session? All sessions are recorded so you can take it later.

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