New! April Events


Two big new events are taking place in April. Check em out.

2021 LERN Contract Training & Operations Virtual Conference
April 20-21, 2021 Click here for complete information

No one else knows contract training and operations like LERN does.

LERN has listened to you and has combined two of our most popular content areas – contract training and operations, into one two-day virtual conference. For one price you get to discover the latest techniques and tips from successful industry practitioners.

Contract training is an important revenue stream focused on solution-selling and servicing the needs of community businesses, government agencies, and organizations. Strategies for selling and delivering products and services has shifted the last five years and LERN’s experts will be sharing their secrets.

Centralized operations has proven to be a critical key to overall success. Programs that have an operations team focused on pulling and not pushing tasks have provided consistency and helped foster increased productivity. Over the last five years operations experts have emerged and will be sharing their approaches. Click here for complete information.

Successful Online Programming

April 8 – 29, 2021 Click here for full information

The most requested new topic of the year. Online programming is now a critical part of your program mix- – for the rest of the century.

From the leader in online programming, discover the proven best practices in developing, budgeting, and marketing online classes. Whether it be Live Online (Zoom), asynchronous online courses, or both, we got you covered, we got the answers.

From basic to advanced, just one tip will make- – or save- – your program tens of thousands of dollars.

Big Q&A time. No question too basic; no question too advanced. Get answers to your toughest issues. Click here for full information

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