New! Avocational UGotClass


New avocational and leisure online courses for your customers will premiere in September for UGotClass.

The first courses are:

1.Introduction to Fiction Writing, with Jacqueline Lipton
2.Introductory Spanish Certificate, with Cristina Sempe
3.The Teen Brain, with Julie Coates

LERN is introducing an exciting new member dues option to keep your dues low and benefits high. Just become a UGotClass Partner and generate a minimum of registrations.  You get up to 50% of the revenue and can pay off your dues, making your valuable LERN membership *FREE!

With our new courses on Personal Development, plus our Professional Development courses, now you have more offerings than ever to Make Big Money with UGotClass.

To find out more about becoming a UGotClass Partner, email Tammy Peterson at Tammy@lern.org