New Brochure Crisis


Perhaps because of the budget woes the pandemic has produced, central administrators are starting to revisit a disastrous move that almost killed the entire field of lifelong learning over the past five years.  LERN is starting to get reports of lifelong learning administrators being ordered to eliminate the print brochure.

Despite all the evidence that the print brochure works, generating 70% of your registrations and income, a new brochure crisis looms.  From Napa, California to Conway, Arkansas, the reports have started to come in as most all programs face budget cuts in the next year.

Eliminating the brochure has universally caused income to plummet a disastrous 50%, putting programs on the verge of bankruptcy, and their communities left unserved.

A new report suggests that lifelong learning programs spend on average the same amount on promotion as does the typical successful business.

“Each dollar that companies spent on advertising in the United States last year led to $9 in sales, the research firm HIS Markit estimated,” reports The New York Times (April 4, 2020). “Ads became an unavoidable part of modern life for a simple reason: They work.”

Contact us for our complete research report on why the print brochure is essential to your program. Email info@lern.org and ask for “Why the Print Brochure Works.”

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