New Data Era Begins!


Flowers HP CropYou need it. You want it. It’s data on the field. It’s coming fast and quick now.

LERN leads the field of lifelong learning programming once again by initiating a whole new era in research and best practices in the field with more program (that’s you, that’s every other program) data.

This month we launch the biggest collection of data on lifelong learning programs in the history of the field.  You will get information for programs in your own constituency and in similar sized community size. It is the start of an exciting era in research in lifelong learning programming.

New Data
Here’s what we are gathering now from programs:
3.Income comparison to last year
4.Size of community served
5.Cancellation rate

Submit Your Data
Two ways you can submit your data:
-Go into your LERN Member Portal on our site right now and enter the data.
-Respond to our survey coming from LERN soon.

Questions?  Email us at info@lern.org

Prepare Now
Right now, come up with your program’s response to each question, choosing one of the following ranges for each question.

Income (most recent fiscal year)
a.Under $250,000
b.$250,000 – $499,999
c.$500,000 – $999,999
d.$1million – $2.9 million
e.$3 million and Above

a.Under 1,000
b. 1,000 – 1,999
c. 2,000 – 4,999
d.5,000 and Up

Compared to your previous year, was Income:
a.Up by 5% or more
b.About the Same, between 4.9% Down and 4.9% Up
c.Down by 5% or more

Size of Community Served
Total population in the community or area served is:
a.Under 25,000 people
b.Between 25,000 people and 49,999 people
c.Between 50,000 people and 99,999 people
d.Between 100,000 people and 249,999 people
e.250,000 or more people

Cancellation Rate
Percentage of activities offered but cancelled because of lack of registrations.
a.Under 10%
b.Between 10% and 20%
c.Between 21% and 25%
d.Between 26% and 30%
e.Over 30%

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