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The most popular new skill set in North America right now is Data Science.  UGotClass has just added a whole new Data Science category of four certificates (12 courses) to the fall line up.

Here’s the easy-money deal.  Once someone has enrolled in one of our data science certificates, it’s an easy 1 minute email inviting them to take another of the data science certificates.

Our lead data analysis instructor John Rutledge, who also teaches in the Excel certificate, is reporting seeing many of the same people in his Excel class, which means this easy 1 minute email will generate thousands of dollars for your program.

Here’s the four certificates in our new Data Science category.

-The lead off certificate is the Certificate in Data Analysis, the #1 most popular certificate at UGotClass.

-Many Data Analysis participants then want to take “Certificate in Mastering Excel,”  which has zoomed to #6 in our most popular certificate rankings.

New! Our “SQL Certificate” with Cecelia Allison has been a winner since the first class was offered last month. All three courses in this certificate start every month.

-Coming this Fall. Another new certificate, “Power BI,” with Marion Williams, will premiere starting in September.

#1 Certificate in Data Analysis
A.Introduction to Data Analysis
B.Intermediate Data Analysis
C.Advanced Data Analysis 

#6 Hot! Certificate in Mastering Excel
A.Mastering Microsoft Excel
B.Intermediate Excel
C.Advanced Excel

Hot! SQL Certificate
D.Introduction to SQL
E.Intermediate SQL
F.Advanced SQL

Coming Fall! Certificate in Power BI
A.Introductory Power BI
B.Intermediate Power BI
C.Advanced Power BI

A=Course runs September 8 (Tuesday) – Oct 2, 2020
B=Course runs October 5 – 30, 2020
C=Course runs November 2 – 27, 2020

D=runs monthly through September, then every month February 2021 thru September 2021
E=runs monthly through October, then every month March 2021 thru October 2021
F=runs monthly July through November, then every month April 2021 thru November 2021

Email us now for individual consultation (free) at info@UGotClass.org  Get up to 50% of the revenue with the online courses named Superior to all the others by your colleagues.

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