New Info Coming Up This Fall


The annual registrations and enrollments survey, the most watched survey results in the field, head up the new information coming to you from LERN this fall.

Here’s the 5 big things you can expect, plus the unexpected:

1.New research.
New discoveries of best home page practices.
What not to put on your home page.
Leading digital brochure and chat software.
Then, an analysis of Search to find your program.

2.Virtual Gatherings on Fall 2022.
The state of the field, what’s trending, and big issues and concerns. A panel of LERN leaders from your institutional setting lead this ever-popular event.

3. Annual Registrations Survey.
Key questions this fall:
How do U.S. programs with a print brochure compare to those without one this fall.
Are programs back to normal, matching registrations in 2019.

4.Summer Camps 2023.
What the recreation professionals with some of the leading summer camp programs say what worked this past summer, what didn’t, and what they are looking in planning for 2023.

5.Pioneering Breakthroughs.
Here’s what we’re looking at with practitioners and programs creating pioneering breakthroughs for the field this fall.
-Home Page Metrics
-Staff Shortages
-Email list segmentation
-Marketing to Teens
-Building a social media community
Plus the unexpected pioneering breakthroughs from any and all of the programs participating in the big LERN Annual Virtual Conference Nov 14-17, 2022.