New! Integrated Marketing


“Integrated Marketing Certificate” leads off the new LERN/UGotClass Courses premiering in September.

The “Integrating Marketing Certificate” will have three one-month courses: Advanced Marketing Concepts; Successful Print Marketing; and Integrated Marketing Best Practices.

Our #3 and #4 Certificates right now are “Social Media for Business” and “Digital Marketing Certificate,” so we expect a number of participants from those certificates taking the new Integrated Marketing topic.

“We’re looking for easier and profitable ways for our Partners to generate more income,” notes William A. Draves, LERN President. “Because individual emails to specific customers work so well, our Partners will be able to generate more repeat business with no cost and very little staff time.”

Another good feature: your students can start the Certificate any month, as the courses can be taken in any order or sequence.

Click Here for the complete description, details and web page for your site.

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