New! Invisible Diversity


A breakthrough new book, Invisible Diversity Book HP 2by LERN’s Julie Coates, is premiering at the big LERN annual conference in Savannah the morning of November 8.

The book will change the way your instructors view and teach your classes.  Coates made learning history by writing the first, and still the best, book on Generational Learning Styles.

Now she takes learning styles to the next level, writing the first book on invisible diversity in your classrooms. She also demonstrates why learning styles exist, why they are critical to understand, and why the critics of learning styles are all wrong.

Fun Fact: the cover artist, Calvin Woodum, lives in Savannah and will attend the Julie Coates Recognition Breakfast where attendees receive a free autographed copy of the book.

Reservations for the Julie Coates Recognition Breakfast are still being accepted. A $30 deposit will be returned to you following the breakfast. So you get a free breakfast and a free book. Just call us at 800-678-5376 with your $30 deposit.