New Learner Competencies Proposed


learnerNew learner competencies and attributes are so integral to your program that Senior LERN Leaders meeting in Tucson this spring are recommending LERN create a set of new learner competencies and attributes for use by your program.

Those new competencies would include skills to train your teachers and staff on how to use and integrate or even radically change your classes and offerings.

New forms of learning emerging are adaptive learning, group problem solving, students creating content, students leading discussions, and other more engaging and interactive methods to help lifelong learners in the 21st century.

“We are at the beginning of an exciting time in the evolution of learning and teaching for learning and learners,” noted William A. Draves, LERN President. “LERN expects to be on the cutting-edge in working with LERN members to help discover, develop, and disseminate pioneering new learning and teaching strategies for this century.”

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