New! Live Online Listing Site


Excitement across North America over LERN’s new service that starts on February 1, exclusive to members.

It’s the first ever national listing site of Live Online classes from member programs across Canada and the United States.

Members have already submitted the first fifty Live Online classes they are offering for which they welcome registrations from people outside of their own local area.

Check out the first exciting classes and the LERN Live Online Listing Site here.

Some of the first few classes:
-Ancient Greek, offered by Arlington Public Schools
-Blues Harmonica, offered by Harper College
-Orchids for Beginners, offered by Chicago Botanic Gardens

Other members, like you, will link to the Live Online Listing Site and provide your community with more classes and topics than you can offer locally.

For 2021, there is no cost to your program for either listing courses on the site, or for linking to the site.

All LERN member programs will be encouraged to link to the listing site. The simple reason: increase customer loyalty and repeat business. All the business research shows that when your organization provides the solution to your customers, even if it is referring them to another program’s class, they come back to you. If you provide the answer, and the listing site will eventually have up to 1,000 answers (classes), they come back to you.

You don’t have to offer any classes on the LERN Listing Site to link to it. For 2021, you don’t have to link to it to offer classes on the site.

To submit one or more of your upcoming Live Online courses on the listing site, just click here to the Submission Form.

For more information, FAQs, and to sign up to link to the listing site, go right here on our website to “Membership” and click on “Live Online Listing Site.”

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