New! Program Certification


The first programs receive ‘Program Certification’ this month. We are delighted to initiate this new initiative which will help all our members improve and be even more successful.

In the next few months, any LERN member program with a university, public school, or community college can get Program Certification.

There’s no additional cost. You only need to submit 6 pieces of data.

Program Certification is elite, but not elitist. By that we mean you can be a small program in a small community and still receive Program Certification.

Program Certification means your program:
1.Knows your own essential data necessary for greater success.
2.You understand that comparing your data with other programs’ data, as well as LERN benchmarks, helps you to improve your program further.
3.You are committed to improving your program and serving your community even more.

Receiving Program Certification also helps you with well deserved PR within your institution, with your local business leaders, and with your community. It helps your institution know how you stand with respect to the rest of the field, and LERN’s benchmarks.

Programs receiving Program Certification get:
-A digital badge for your website, email promotions and email signatures; Soon we will have a web page set up;
-Press release;
-Dashboard. The Dashboard has data from programs in your same constituency (institutional setting) serving the same sized community. It gives you overall averages, what the best programs are doing, and the LERN Benchmark. It is updated annually.

For information to share, just click here. If you want to get Program Certification now, just email us at info@lern.org. Ask for “Program Certification info.”

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