New ‘Society’ Coming


Superior. Quality. Education. That’s what UGotClass, now called ‘LERN Courses,’ provides your community.

A new ‘Skills Society’ was announced at the big LERN Course Fall Fest recently. Your students will be able to join this exclusive learning community and network with other young professionals all over North America.

It’s part of our initiative to extend our educational online courses to serve the continuing education needs of young professionals in the workplace for the 21st century.

There are millions of new “Knowledge Workers” in the new Knowledge Society of this century, a term legendary management guru Peter Drucker invented in 1959. Knowledge Workers constitute the most important work sector in your community, and our economy, moving forward.

Benefits include:
1.Initials and digital badge that employers will value.
2.Quarterly print newsletter with articles on the latest new skills in the workplace.
3.Networking with other colleagues all over North America. Plus the opportunity to write articles and participate in Society webinars.

The Skills Society will be open to anyone completing a LERN certificate in the past year.

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