New Spring Member Services


A blossoming of new information and member services is happening this spring. There’s new metrics and benchmarks, and research on marketing, websites and more.

Here’s the latest new member services for you.

1.Spring Print Newsletter
Our popular 4 page print newsletter has returned in 2022, with the Spring Issue being mailed in April. The pdf of the newsletter has been emailed to members already. It features:
-The Top Tips for 2022- – So Far.
-Generating Support from Central Administration.
-Community Needs Assessment.
-Featured Award Winning Ideas from your fellow programs.

2.Virtual Gatherings
Your LERN leaders once again discussed the state-of-the-field and the latest top issues and trends heading into the middle of 2022 and planning for the big Fall session.

The Virtual Gatherings are one of the most popular events offered by LERN, attended by hundreds of members.

3.Home Page Best Practices
Our review of almost 100 Home or landing pages from programs in all of our major constituencies. From the most common features on the websites of the most successful programs, we have put together the 5 Best Practices for Home Page design for 2022 for the field of lifelong learning programming and continuing education.

4.FREE Monthly Webinars
New- two! Free webinars every month. Attended by hundreds of members every month. They continue to be popular, and hit on hot topics.

5.’Must Read’ Articles
Every month, you can find a new ‘Must Read’ article that our expert consultants have chosen as one of the most important subjects of the year.

The most recent articles, all of which are available in your LERN Club, are:
-5 Trends, and 5 Tips, for Brochures in 2022
-Price Check and How to Raise Prices
-Talk Up Your Program Now
-What You Need to Know About Gen Z
-How Marketing is Shifting

“We are pumping out great new information virtually daily,” notes Senior Vice President Julie Coates. “Your professional team is on the cutting edge,” she says. With two young professionals and two experienced ones, we are able to specialize and collaborate to give you the best and most information on the field, she said.

These and other LERN member services are included in membership, at no additional charge. For questions, simply email us at info@lern.org.

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