NOW OPEN: C.E. Digital Library


LERN_ConEdDigLibNL_PObox9WI 1The most comprehensive library of materials and information in continuing education is now open after two years of work. Over 800 guidebooks, books, manuals, articles, archived webinars and original training presentations with slides are now available.

The new online service converts all of LERN’s paid print publications into a digital format so that up to six of your staff can access it 24X7 for just one annual Subscription price.Non-members can subscribe at a higher rate without needing to join LERN.  “We’re excited to open this new

Non-members can subscribe at a higher rate without needing to join LERN.  “We’re excited to open this new 21st-century service,” noted Julie Coates, Senior Vice President for Information Services.

New materials are added monthly.  For the latest new materials being added, go to the Digital Library blog on the website here.

Here are the new materials added for March:

1.Creating Incentives
 A 15-page Guidebook on the 15 best incentives used by successful continuing education programs.

2.Latest Brochure Trends
  Archive of a recent one-hour webinar on the best new brochure ideas and trends.

3. What You Need to Know About Presenting Data with Chart.
A 15-minute presentation with slides about presenting data effectively with charts to get your message across.

LERN is also premiering two new forms of information with the Continuing Education Digital Library.

Guidebooks are 10-15 pages in length and are either original writings or a specific topic ‘chunk’ of material from a larger publication, such as a manual.

Presentations are 10-15 minute presentations with slides and audio, original presentations perfect for asynchronous self-study professional development for staff.

Non-member organizations can Subscribe for $695 a year total for up to six staff, just $116 a year per person.

Member organizations can Subscribe for only $495 a year total for up to six staff or $83 per person.  Members can also add the Digital Library Subscription to your dues for one simple annual billing.

Call Tammy at (800) 678-5376 to subscribe. Questions? Email her at info@lern.org




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