Now Out! Exciting Agenda


Slide1More interactive and engaging than ever, the upcoming LERN Conference in San Diego features lots of new formats, topics and people that will give you a huge ROI for several years to come.

Here’s highlights of some of those new features. Check out our weekly conference update at lern.org/conference for more in-depth coverage of all the new stuff.

*“Gatherings,” a new engaged format.
You participate in planning LERN activities and information. This year we will have end-of-day planning Gatherings for:
-Small Teams
-Summer Camps
-Contract Training

*New Research on Email Promotion.
The first-ever study of what works for successful email promotions.

*You Vote on Your Training.
You get to vote on what topics you want LERN to research and provide training for your professional development.  It’s fun, interactive, and leads to great conversations with your colleagues as you vote using colored dots on poster boards.

*First Ever Small Teams session.
A brand new LERN initiative kicks off with a panel and Gathering for those with Small Teams of 3 or fewer staff.

*More on Summer Camps.
In addition to our all-day FREE conference seminar on Youth Programs and Summer Camps, we feature two panel sessions of practitioners doing successful summer camp programs.

*Operations track.
A whole track of sessions on Operations, the growing area of centralizing routine functions and tasks for greater profitability and efficiency.

*Connecting with Diverse Audiences.
A first-ever panel on connecting with diverse audiences. PLUS premiere of “Learning While Black” to train your instructors on how to help your black participants learn more.

And as always, the best practices, latest and most advanced information and benchmarks to give you and your program a huge ROI.  The LERN conference doesn’t cost you money; it makes you money. Check out lern.org/conference and register before August 1 to get the Early Registration Discount.

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