OMG! 2 for 1 Virtual Conference Special Offer!


Just in. Here’s a special offer to give your budget-tight organization an even bigger ROI and value for LERN’s exciting Virtual Conference.

You will receive our All-New Advanced Live Online (Zoom) Training for up to 135 of your organization’s instructors.

Get your Provost, Dean, or Superintendent involved in paying some or all of your Virtual Conference fee and give up to 135 of your organization’s teachers this advanced training as part of your Virtual Conference.

The training webinars will be offered weekly from December 1 through January 31.

Photo: The Best Experts and Practitioners will be presenting.


-Registrations are booming. The average organization is sending more than 20 people. You can have as many people attend from your same organization as you wish. And you can add more people at any time.

-The three conference themes have huge ROI for your program.
1.The first, best and only comprehensive review of Fall 2020’s historic session for the field.
What worked, what didn’t. What pioneering strategies were introduced. What lessons were learned.

2.What to do differently in 2021.
The Best Experts and practitioners share their latest strategies for success moving into 2021. As always, come steal these ideas.

3.Big ROI.
Just one of our “BIG ROI” sessions or 15 minute Hot Tip Sessions will make your organization at least $20,000 or more in the coming year.

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