Paper prices to rise 25%


Paper Price One ColumnPaper prices for your upcoming 2019 print brochures may be going up by as much as 25%,
according to news reports, LERN Senior Vice President Julie Coates says.

LERN has come up with a three part action plan for your program to adjust. The full story is now in the LERN Club for members.

The 3 part plan:
1.Get new estimates from your printer on a) same pages, same copies; b)fewer pages; same copies; and c) if you are in the U.S. and have not had a brochure distribution analysis done by LERN – – it is free to members – – get it.  We can lower your household distribution by up to 20% without losing registrations.

2.Target and maximize your brochure distribution.
Keep mailing to all past participants and inquiries – Twice.  Then get that carrier route distribution analysis done by LERN.

3.Trim 4 or 8 pages from your print brochure.
We have ten suggestions to maximize your brochure space without hurting your course descriptions and registrations.

The ten suggestions are now in the LERN Club. Forgot your passwords? Email us at info@lern.org.

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