Picking Pictures for Your Brochure


An award-winning brochure from Wayzata Community Education.
An award-winning brochure from Wayzata Public Schools Youth & Adult Enrichment Programs.

Here’s what to look for:

1. Close ups of one to three people are much more engaging than group shots.

2. Something unusual, distinctive or emotional.  If it makes you smile, or you look at it for more than three seconds, it is an engaging image.

3. Not a stock photo. Your customers now want authentic and real. They can tell a stock photo from a “real” photo.

4. Balance. Not every photo can have diversity, but overall your photos a whole can. Make sure you have gender balance and culture-race balance.  Your audience is now diverse, so your brochure photos should be too.

Julie Coates, Brendan Marsello and Paul Franklin will present the latest new successful brochure strategies, and the new brochure model responding to Gen Y, at the LERN Annual Conference in Baltimore Nov. 16-19.  Plus the best brochures of the year will be featured at the Annual LERN International Awards for 2017 luncheon and poster show.

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