Pioneering Breakthroughs


New strategies for increased effectiveness for the field premiered at the big LERN Virtual Conference this fall. At least three pioneering breakthroughs won International Awards. Here’s two every program should adopt.

*Continuous Registration
There are multiple benefits to continuous registration. Before, programs were essentially open – – taking registrations – – for about three months of the year. It’s like a store only being open for three months of the year. Now the store is open year round.

The award went to the School of Professional and Continuing Studies, the University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia, Amy Kemp accepting.

This is the first program we know of to do continuous enrollment, continuous registration. This would have been a good idea years ago. But with the pandemic, the increase in online programs, and the tendency for the general public to sign up closer to the time of the event, it is a marketing breakthrough for the field. It’s brilliant. It’s the first. And we can predict every program will adopt continuous registration.

*First Print Brochure With All-Online Classes
For best brochure, Pasadena City College, Pasadena, California, Elaine Chapman and Robert Torres accepting. This is the first print brochure in our field to contain all online classes. It appeared in Summer of 2020. At the time, it was a big risk, no one had done it before. It was a success. It pioneered the way for others this Fall.

We know your print brochure is essential to generating registrations for your online offerings, just like it is for your in-person classes. This program proved it. While other programs went to post cards or just online marketing, this program not only generated registrations and income, but kept their program and their institution visible in the community.