Preparing for the WAVE


A wave of in-person registrations is expected for lifelong learning programs. But many programs, having just had cutbacks and fewer resources, are not prepared.

This spring your LERN staff will issue an Exclusive Member-Only report on “Preparing for the Wave.”

Last month some 27 LERN leaders advised your LERN staff on what they expect for the rest of 2021 and how they are planning for a surge in face-to-face class registrations.

Advance warning of the wave comes from Nigel Sutton of Wellington, New Zealand. He reported at the recent LERN Virtual Conference that New Zealand, which dealt with the pandemic successfully, saw a surge of in-person class attendance after they came back.

Later this spring all members will receive information on how to access the FREE and Exclusive Member-Only “Preparing for the Wave” report.

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