Programs Doing Web Page Redesign


Suzanne Kart, LERN

Fully one-third of participants attending LERN’s Marketing Institute are in the process of doing a web page redesign, reports LERN’s Associate Vice President for Marketing Suzanne Kart.

Kart also noted that the new Google search update focusing more on mobile search – combined with the fact that more people will access the Internet from a mobile device than from a computer this year – means that many more programs will need to make their websites mobile optimized.  A recent survey found that half of all LERN member websites are not yet mobile optimized.

For the first time, Gen Xers outnumbered Boomers in the Marketing Institute, with four times as many Gen Xers as Boomers.

Here’s another free marketing tip from Ms. Kart: use QR codes to drive students to session evaluations.

The big LERN Institutes in Savannah this spring have become THE professional development for the field of lifelong learning.  But they are also producing news and new advanced tips.   This year’s attendance was the second largest in ten years.

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