Ramp up Fall online now!


Now is the time to plan your offerings and promotion for Fall UGotClass certificates and courses.  Unless you are Top 25 Partner (you’re not, so keep reading) here’s what to offer to maximize your income and revenue from online.

Monthly records for registrations are being set by Partner programs. June was up 9%, a new all-time June registration record.

Offer all of our Top 10 Certificates.  They are hot all across North America.
Put full course descriptions in your fall print brochure.  Send out weekly emails with 2 of your own classes and 2 of ours. Here’s the Top 10.

#1 Certificate in Data Analysis
A.Introduction to Data Analysis
B.Intermediate Data Analysis
C.Advanced Data Analysis

#2 Certificate in Project Management
A.Introduction to Project Management
B.Project Management Processes
C.Project Management Knowledge Areas

#3 Digital Marketing Certificate Certificate Starts Every Month February through September
A.Improving Email Promotions
B.Boosting Your Web Site Traffic
C.Online Advertising

New! Hot! Bookkeeping Certificate
A.Understanding Debits and Credits
B.General Ledger and Month End Procedures
C.Closing Procedures and Financial Statements

#5 Social Media for Business Certificate
A.Introduction to Social Media
B.Marketing Using Social Media
C.Integrating Social Media in Your Organization

#6 Hot! Certificate in Mastering Excel
A.Mastering Microsoft Excel
B.Intermediate Excel
C.Advanced Excel

#7 Supervisory Leadership Certificate
   (two month offered Sept, Feb, April, June)

#8 Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate
A.Introduction to Six Sigma Green Belt
B.Intermediate Six Sigma Green Belt
C.Advanced Six Sigma Green Belt

#9 Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers Certificate
Accounting and Finance for Non Financial Managers
Cash is King
Financial Analysis and Planning

#10 New! Hot! Graphic Design Software Essentials Certificate  Certificate Starts Every Month February to September
Adobe InDesign Essentials
Adobe Illustrator Essentials
Adobe Photoshop Essentials

A=Course runs September 8 (Tuesday) – Oct 2, 2020
B=Course runs October 5 – 30, 2020
C=Course runs November 2 – 27, 2020

Email us now for individual consultation (free) at info@UGotClass.org    Get up to 50% of the revenue with the online courses named Superior to all the others by your colleagues.

Regular free UGotClass Briefing webinars are now being held for people interested in becoming a Partner.  Your contact for exploring UGotClass is Tammy Peterson.  Email her for information and/or the next free webinar on becoming a Partner at Tammy@lern.org

For certificate descriptions for your next print brochure, email us at info@UGotClass.org   Subject line: Top 10 Certificate Descriptions

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