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Our coverage of the big LERN conference continues in the LERN Club this month.

It’s another chance for you to make big money on all the great advanced, practical, how-to tips, techniques and strategies that premiered at the conference.

Overall, the best brochures are more visual, LERN’s Julie Coates says, a response to Gen Y, which is now the biggest generation in the workforce.  She notes this is the first year we are seeing leading brochures include captions for pictures, including a pioneering new caption technique this year.

What we are seeing in our 7 marketing awards this year are two themes.  One theme is tracking the data at a much more sophisticated level. The second theme of award winners is using multiple integrated complementary marketing in both traditional and print marketing, as well as digital marketing.

Featured in January in the LERN Club you get:

  1. Award-winning brochures
    Listen and watch our LERN Club only YouTube video with the 2017 award-winning brochures.
  2. Award-winning marketing
    Listen and watch our LERN Club only YouTube video with new and successful marketing techniques that your fellow LERN member programs pioneered this past year.
  3. Top 25 Take-Aways
    Your fellow LERN members, who are LERN leaders, share the top 25 tips and techniques they took away from the big conference to implement in their programs.

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Photo:  Posters of all 80 awards nominations were available in LERN Central at the big LERN conference.



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