Successful Emails


Walking on Beach OneEmail is the workhorse of marketing for lifelong learning programs, a new LERN study of the most successful lifelong learning programs in all institutional settings finds.

But there are effective emails, and there are ineffective emails that just put spam into people’s inbox.

What works for lifelong learning program emails?  What are the best subject lines, best marketing angles, best first sentences. And where and how many links to your web site should you have?

To get the answers, just send your 1-3 most effective emails to research@lern.org.  Include the subject line, the open rate and click through rate.

New LERN research will find out.  The survey results are free.  But available only to LERN members who submit 1-3 of their most effective emails.

LERN will analyze them and find out what works.  The survey results will be made free of charge to LERN members who submit their 1-3 most successful emails.  Want the results?  Just send 1-3 of your program’s most effective emails to research@lern.org.

The new email research@lern.orghas been created by Senior Vice President Julie Coates for new research LERN undertakes.

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