Text for info


Encourage potential participants, especially your Gen Y audience, to text you for information, says Christina Bergvall, Healthcare Program Manager at Lee College in Baytown, Texas.  She says you can set up an automatic response and then send out more detailed and personalized messages back to the potential participant.

Another advantage is someone can text you anytime day or night and receive a response. Plus, of course, you get the person’s cellphone number for future text promotion.  One such software for texting information is Poll Everywhere, an online option that provides a five-digit number people can text to.

She shared her tip with other participants at this year’s LERN Advanced Programming Institute. The Programming Institute had the most participants ever, and premiered the new Certified Professional Programmer (C2P) designation. LERN is encouraging every lifelong learning program to have at least one staff member trained in programming.   Next year’s Advanced Programming Institute will be in Savannah April 12-16, 2015.

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