The 3 Biggest Directions for 2023


Three big directions emerged from the LERN Annual Conference this year which promise to be top interests for 2023 and maybe years to come.

The 1,755 participants voiced their interest in session attendance, comments, questions and discussion. The 3 big directions are:

1. Breakthroughs in digital marketing.
Pioneering information was presented on email segmentation, home page metrics, home page design, social media and videos.

The print brochure came back this fall for the vast majority of programs in the U.S., generating once again some 70% of registrations. Now the most advanced marketers are discovering what works with digital, and integrating digital with print marketing.

Digital marketing breakthroughs dominated the “Best 25 Ideas” coming out of the conference.

2.You Reinvent your programming.
Leaders of the most successful programs huddled around the panels and discussions on the need for innovative programming in the new era. “Your program is not the same as pre-pandemic,” noted Elisa Waldman of Overland Park, Kansas. Others agreed there is no going back to the same pre-pandemic programming mix.

3.Staff Productivity driving profitability.
Every program is now attempting to improve profitability by increasing staff productivity. Concerns included a shortage of staff, training new staff, staff benefits, and staff morale. Solutions included better communication systems, more software and technology, and streamlining procedures.

A blockbuster session on new thinking about staff productivity kicked off the conference.
It was followed by a session on key metrics, including one for Staff Productivity.

For more on all 3 trends, get the “Best 25 Ideas” with the latest most advanced how-to tips and techniques. It is available Free to organizations registering for either the 2022 or 2023 Annual Conferences. Early registration for the 2023 Annual Conference Nov 13-16, 2023, is now open.

The Early Registration Discount saves LERN members $500 to $1,000 on the 2023 conference fee. Just call us at 800-678-5376 or email info@lern.org, Subject Line: Early Discount.

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