The Comeback is On!


Registrations are returning for the majority of programs heading into 2022, creating an optimism for beleaguered programs and budgets.

The benchmark is first to get back to registration numbers seen in 2019, before the pandemic. A number of programs have already gotten back to fall 2019 enrollments, another optimistic sign for the rest of the field.

“Programs are not going back to 2019, they are going forward,” notes William A. Draves, LERN President. “Aside from numbers and dollars returning, there’s nothing moving forward that will be back-to-normal about the field.”

This is a good time
Now is a particularly good time for you to do more professional development, and get your program reviewed by LERN.

Coming out of the pandemic, your organization’s situation is not the same as it was. And your marketplace and community is not the same.

Only LERN knows what benchmarks for success are the same, and which ones are different, in the coming year.

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Virtual Program Review
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