Time to Gear Up for Big February Session!


With three sessions and monthly course offerings from February through the summer, now is the best time of the year to promote UGotClass.

1. Get our certificates into your next print brochures. Teamwork concept

2. Integrate our courses into your regular in-person offerings in both your print brochure and your website.

3. Post as many of our certificates and courses on your website as possible.

4. Make sure you have online registration on your website for every UGotClass you are promoting. If you want to link to our web pages for your program, just let us know.

What to Do in January:

Gear up and promote UGotClass for the big February-April 2015 Early Spring session.

1. Make sure you offer our top 5 most popular certificates.

2. Get at least 10 UGotClass courses and certificates in your next print brochure.

3. List all of our courses and certificates on your website.

4. Make sure you have online registration for each of our courses and certificates.

5. Let us know if you need help or info or want us to set up a weblink for your program.

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