Top #1 Priority: You


You can’t take care of your community if you don’t take care of yourself, LERN’s Senior Vice President Julie Coates warns.

Members from New Zealand to New York, from LERN’s online courses to our Virtual Conference, coping with stress has been an underlying but ever more apparent crisis in the field of lifelong learning programming.

Watch for new LERN webinars, articles and advice on how to take care of yourself.

Here’s the first three tips:

1.Take a walk every day. Walking actually generates a dopamine surge that chemically reduces stress and makes you more optimistic. Can’t do one a day, do as many as you can every week.

2.Reduce watching TV news. TV news, no matter what channel, inherently and constantly highlights bad news over good news, featuring worries, concerns and negative possible scenarios, most of which never happen.

3.Carve out one hour a day for you. You know what calms you, makes you happy, takes your mind off work and the other stresses.

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