Top Issue


A huge turnaround is being experienced with programs this year. That has changed the concerns from issues of low registrations to issues of rebounding registrations and growth.

The top issue for the vast majority of programs is recruiting and retaining instructors.

That’s according to programs participating in our Virtual Gatherings this fall. From getting teens to be lifeguards and summer camp counselors to coaxing Baby Boomers back after the pandemic, the issue is practically universal.

There’s an issue with pay, BUT. It’s more than that. And programs with success are inventing creative ways to help solve the problem.

Those solutions will be featured in an all-new panel session at the Virtual Conference Nov 14-17.

Recruiting and Keeping Instructors
-Leslie Brock, Edwardsville, IL.
-Darby Lanpher, Palatine, IL.
-Tim Frenzel, Overland Park, KS.

Register the virtual conference here.

It’s not too late to register! Even after the conference, you can register and receive access to all 45 sessions right up until February.

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