Top Marketing Tips from Conference


Here are three of the top 10 best promotion ideas our panel of experts reported on at the big LERN annual conference recently in Portland.  Look for more of the best how-to advanced and practical information in the LERN Club.

  1. Paul Franklin: Give more brochure space to star programs and high-cost programs.

Franklin explains, “I have been harping about this for a few years in conference sessions and now I am starting to see more and more programs actually implementing the concept and reporting that it pays off. More detail about the benefits of attending, session agendas, instructor photos and bios and testimonials are key add-ons that make good use of the added space and will add to registrations.”

Programs report pay-off in additional registrations far exceeding the cost of the extra space, he says. Franklin is the foremost authority on direct mail catalogs.

2. Susan Hurrell: Check Your Headline with this URL.

For your web page copy, get your headlines analyzed with this URL from the Advanced Marketing Institute – http://www.aminstitute.com/headline/

Paste your headline (20-word limit).  Select your audience & hit analyze. The URL gives you an Emotional Marketing Value score. It also determines if Intellectual – Empathetic – Spiritual (meaning core or deep emotions) content is in your headline.  Susan Hurrell is LERN’s leading expert on digital marketing.

3. Julie Coates: From biographies to stories.

This is a continuation of a trend that started with a few LERN members a few years ago, and is now spreading.  We’ve known that teacher biographies are the more important now in marketing your courses.  And we’ve known that student testimonials are tremendous promotion tools.  What we are seeing now is moving from short biographies or testimonials to much longer stories, taking up as much as a half page in your print brochure, usually accompanied by a picture of the teacher or student.  Julie Coates is the foremost authority on lifelong learning brochures.

Look for more of the best how-to advanced and practical information in the LERN Club, including our exclusive breaking news on a new fifth essential strategy for successful marketing.