Top New Customer Service Tips


customerserviceHere are LERN presenter Fred Bayley’s top new Customer Service tips from LERN’s Program Management Institute and CPP training in Savannah this spring.

  1. When improving customer service focus on the few major items that will make a significant difference. 20 percent of your customer service impacts 80 percent of our customers. Focus on the significant few to make significant changes.
  1. Answer all customer emails. At least acknowledge their emails with a “Thank you.” It takes little time for you but it makes a big difference to the customer.
  1. Review your major customer service processes every two years. What was effective two years ago is not as effective now. Ask What is best for the customer and Does the process flow make sense.

LERN members have requested customer serving training for their frontline and other staff. Through UGotClass, LERN now has a two-month online program in Customer Service, offered four times a year. The price for LERN members is just $124 per person, a 50 percent discount from the regular UGotClass price.

Register by calling Tammy at (800) 678-LERN. Additional discounts are available for three or more persons from the same program. See more info on the UGotClass website. 

The big LERN Institutes in Savannah this spring have become THE professional development for the field of lifelong learning. This year’s attendance was the second largest in ten years.

Photo: Popular LERN speaker Fred Bayley does a general session for all the Institute participants.

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