Top Partners Say Survey Students


Top PartnersTop Partners are giving the OK for LERN to survey students, as long as it is done within the class.  LERN has been sensitive to the wishes of partners in communicating with students. Here are the chief recommendations Top Partners provided to UGotClass for new initiatives in 2016, made in a conference call this month:

  1. Survey our students
    Top Partners, like many other partners, want demographic information on their students to enable you and LERN to market better and develop additional courses.

    Top Partners indicated it would be fine to survey students, as long as it was done within the class.

  2. The top two demographics that at this time appear to be most helpful are a) Street address, so LERN can help you target the people most likely to take a UGotClass course; and b) Birth year, so both you and LERN can offer courses of most interest to your various market segments.
  3. Write email copy
    Top Partners would welcome email copy written by LERN to past participants in UGotClass that each Partner can email to the students.
  4. Test higher prices
    Top Partners supported testing higher priced courses and certificates, especially with new and more advanced courses and certificates.

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